About Us


The Gower Project is a consortium of European and North American scholars investigating the effects of new technologies and cutting edge theoretical perspectives on the reading of and research into John Gower’s poetry.

Our various websites, each devoted to a separate aspect of our work, demonstrate hypertextual responses to Gower’s poems and offer online aids for teaching and research.

Our Co-Directors are Georgiana Donavin and Eve Salisbury.

This site, maintained by Georgiana Donavin at Westminster College, is our Home and Resources Page. It hosts the latest Project news, links to a variety of Gower sites, and offers an updated bibliography on the most recent scholarly work on Gower’s poems.

Mission Statement

The Gower Project is an international network of scholars linked through two central websites: www.gowerproject.org and www.gowerproject.com.  We offer online tools for research, a translation wiki, a blog on recent scholarly issues, and an online open-access publication that reaches beyond Gower studies, Accessus: A Journal of Premodern Literature and New Media. Our collaboration augments web-based resources on Gower, includes cutting edge theoretical readings of his work, and provides a welcoming environment for all scholars. Gower Project members have established an inclusive professional community in which research and literary interpretations from a wide variety of perspectives enrich the field and promote the relevance of Gower’s poems. Making these perspectives available on the web, we intend to increase accessibility for the many participants in Gower studies worldwide.

Gower Project Member Websites

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